Design, Illustration & Lettering

Documenting my journey t0 becoming a Disney Artist


World Drive is a personal design project dedicated to refining my craft while working towards my lifetime goal of becoming a Disney artist.  Through art and design I want to lend a hand in creating for guests the same feeling of joy and excitement that I have personally experienced at the parks since my childhood.  All work showcased here is not in partnership with the mouse, simply glorified conceptual fan art.  I am just documenting my journey until I get called up to the big leagues.



a name wth meaning

Everyone loves the trip down World Drive

It means you are heading to a land of adventure and fantasy in a world where imagination becomes reality. You're heading towards the magic and often the journey is just as magical as the destination.

…and that's World Drive.



Fellow Creatives


I am certainly not the only one in the Disney fan community with a passion for creating. I love any story of someone chasing their dreams, so I decided to take an in depth look behind the scenes of my favorite people who help bring magic home outside the parks.  See how these dreamers and doers envision their ideas and the process of bringing them to life.


WDW Park Planners

Deciding to vacation at Walt Disney World is beyond exciting, but that is just the first of many steps. Colleen Bentley combined her passion and experience to make trips even more magical.

• • •


Aloha Ears Design

Setting and achieving any goal is something worth celebrating, but when that goal is to turn your hobby into your full time job, the stakes are at an all time high. Dana and Phillip Perkins did just that with Aloha Ears and show no signs of slowing down.

• • •

The Brookhart Project

Most can only dream of living next door to the magic, so when Sarah and Peter Brookhart made the move from Chicago to Central Florida to turn that wish into reality, they made sure to document every moment of the journey and haven’t stopped since.

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My Fantasy Bands

When the original MagicBand came on the scene, they were only avabilable in solid colors and the parks had yet to release anything with a design on it.  Graphic designer Erin Rippy knew that had to change that right away.

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Once Upon Apparel

Hailing from central Florida by the way of New Jersey, Once Upon Apparel's husband and wife team of Katie and David Trauffer have not only chased their dreams, but turned them into their full time careers along the way.

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About Ryan Pimental

First Disney Trip, 1998.

World Drive is the project of graphic designer Ryan Pimental.  He first experienced Walt Disney World in 1998 on a family trip to surprise his older sister on the college program.  As a timid eight year old he was nearly scared to death on Honey I Shrunk The Audience and Tough To Be a Bug, but eventually settled down and fell head over heels for the parks and resort.  He hasn't been inside the Tree of Life since, nor was he sad to see Honey leave The Journey Into Imagination pavilion.


With family today.

Ryan resides in the quiet Boston suburb of Bridgewater, Massachusetts with his wife, two daughters and their shih tzu. As annual passholders and Disney Vacation Club members at the Polynesian, they enjoy coming to their home away from home twice a year. They love taking their time, enjoying the atmosphere - but mostly the food and never leave without Ryan trying to convince them to permanently move to nearby Celebration.

Ryan Pimental, “World Drive” and this website are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company.